Videos Installation

We present to you the SURETOUCH installation videos.

By clicking on each of the images, you will have access to the various installation stages of the SURETOUCH system. 

1. Corporate Introduction

1.1 Characteristics and Advantages of the Products
1.2 R13.5 Insulation
1.3 Significant Reduction in Heating Costs: 30-42%
1.4 Energy-Efficient
1.5 Self-Supporting
1.6 Sound-Proofing
1.7 Water Barriers
1.8 CCMC Certification 13302 –R and ICC
1.9 Technical Support at all Times

2. Preparing the Wall

2.1 Solid, Flat and Uniform Composition of the Wall
2.2 OSB versus Plywood, Tentest, Isoclad and Others
2.3 Foundation or Starter Strip?
2.4 Air Barrier
2.5 Seal Openings Adequately
2.6 Entrance Roof - Tight or with a Space?
2.7 Electrical Wires
2.8 Hardware Needed for Installing Suretouch
2.9 Different Types of Membranes

3. Receiving SURETOUCH Materials

4. Installation of Starter Strips

4.1 Inside Corner
4.2 Outside Corner
4.3 Arched Opening
4.4 Installation on a Concrete Wall
4.5 Larger than 10' (3 m)

5. Installing Suretouch Polystyrene Panels: The Main Principles

5.1 Suretouch Polystyrene Panels: The different ways to start
installing Suretouch panels
5.2 Durham Polystyrene Panels
5.3 Oxford Clay Brick and Classic Concrete Brick
Polystyrene Panels

6. Installing Brick or Stone Units

6.1 Morency and Durham Stone
6.2 Oxford Clay Brick
6.3 Classic Concrete Brick

7. Installing Sills

7.1 Soldier Stones and Bricks
7.2 Suretouch Jamb, Sill and Keystone Accessories
7.3 Conventional Concrete or Other Accessories
7.4 Insertion of Thermo-flexible Elements

8. Installation Details

8.1 "J" Trim
8.2 Using Glue
8.3 Incomplete Stone or Brick Cells
8.4 Cutting the Suretouch Elements
8.5 Thermo-flexible Elements
8.6 Nails in Insulating Panels

9. Installation of Weepers and Expansion Joints

10. Preparing for Injecting Suretouch Mortar

11. Injecting Suretouch Mortar

11.1 The Various Injection Tools Available
11.2 Injection Methods
11.3 Good and Bad Injections
11.4 Recipe for a Suretouch Mortar Slurry
11.5 Square Feet Covered by 25kg of Mortar in

12. Finishing the Joints

12.1 Finishing Tools
12.2 Finishing Morency and Durham Stone Joints
12.3 Finishing Clay Brick
12.4 Type of Joints
12.5 Cleaning

13. Problem Solving FAQs

13.1 Cracks in the Mortar
13.2 Broken Stones or Bricks
13.3 Replacing a Broken Stone in the Wall
13.4 Missing Weepers
13.5 Efflorescence on the Suretouch Units and Variations
in Mortar Colour
13.6 Mixing Stone Colours

14. Conclusion