It is not unusual for us to hear from customers who choose SURETOUCH telling us how satisfied they are. Some, like the following, are kind enough to send us their comments in writing:

Isabelle Vandandaigue and Benoît Giguère:

We chose this product because, in addition to looking like masonry, it greatly improves home insulation. We own a house that was built in 1945. At that time, insulation was not very advanced, and before we did the work, our heating bills were quite high. The stucco exterior finish was also very damaged. We, therefore, had to choose a product that would address both these problems.

We have noticed quite a drop in our heating costs. The stone absorbs the sun’s heat during the day and keeps the house warm well into the evening, reducing our energy costs. And in summer, the air space in the “Styrofoam” allows good air circulation and creates an extra layer of insulation, so the house stays cooler.

During installation, all the passersby watched the progress of the stone installation with great interest. Many of our neighbours asked questions. The one thing everyone agreed on was that the results were impressive.

We are very satisfied with the product, in terms of both the look and the energy savings.

Anne Lapointe and Yvon Filion:

While photographing the home of Ms. Lapointe and Mr. Filion, we took the opportunity to ask Mr. Filion a few questions, which he was kind enough to answer.

Why did you choose SURETOUCH?
I had been planning to improve the insulation factor of our house (EnerGuide Program), and I decided that this was the perfect product to replace the existing brick on the front of the house and the garage. With SURETOUCH, I killed two birds with one stone, in the sense that I increased the insulation factor, but I also totally updated the look of the house.

Did you install it yourself?
Yes, from start to finish.

How long did it take you?
About seven days to install the insulating panels and stones, and another five days or so to apply the mortar using the tube applicator.

Have you noticed any difference in terms of heating costs?  Comfort?
Yes. Our electricity consumption has dropped considerably, so it’s more comfortable. Before the renovations, the energy rating for the house was 66 out of 100, and after, it rose to 80. Of course, you have to take into account the fact that I also changed all the windows and doors and added insulation in the attic and the three other outside walls.

How did your friends and neighbours react?
They only had good things to say. Even now, three years later, we are still getting compliments.

Do you think your house has increased in value?
Yes, definitely.

If you were to do it all over again, would you still choose SURETOUCH?

Sylvain Duchesne:

Just a few words to congratulate you on your great technology. You converted a simple house into a majestic one thanks to a full transformation on all four sides. We wanted to improve the look of the exterior finish, and your technology proved easy, efficient and lower cost than other classic finishes. The SURETOUCH team put us at ease immediately, from the first meeting with a company representative who referred us directly to an installer. We were able to get a fast installation schedule, and in spite of the snow, we were able to redo the thermal envelope of the house incredibly easily thanks to the insulating base of the stones.

We did this work for us, to enhance the look of our house and improve our insulation. During the work, we attracted a lot of curiosity with this unusual product, but everyone in the neighbourhood went out of their way to congratulate us because the final result is high-quality and very appealing.

Gilles St-Georges:

I chose SURETOUCH because I am a handyman by nature, and I could do the installation myself and save thousands of dollars. I am proud of how my house looks and proud to have done the work myself. If you take a look at our house, I think you will understand what I am talking about.

I am also very satisfied with the insulation and sound-proofing performance. I think SURETOUCH offers very good quality for the money.

My friends find the product very attractive and think that it adds a lot of value to the house. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose SURETOUCH again, especially as there are now new models and a wider choice of colours. Thank you, SURETOUCH, for your magnificent product.

Ginette Presseault and Benoît Duclos:

We are good with our hands, so we chose SURETOUCH because we could install this product ourselves, and save on costs.

Our new facade really looks good. We have had many compliments on the final result.

Using SURETOUCH allowed us to have a stone facade without having to do major renovations (we have a cottage that was not designed to have two stories of brick, and our house was in stucco).

We are very happy with the results.