General FAQ

1. What is the SURETOUCH system?

It is an exterior stone or brick finish installed on premoulded polystyrene (R-13) panels that allow for easy installation. Mortar is then applied using a manual injection tool.

2. What colours does it come in?

Each collection comes in the following colours:

Consult the Our products section to view color sample photos.

3. Where can i buy the product?

Please consult the list of distributors to locate a dealer near you.

4. Can i install it myself?

Yes. Anyone with a basic understanding of construction can install SURETOUCH. However, we ask that you follow the instructions in the SURETOUCH Installation Guide and take the safety precautions described. The quality of the job also depends on mastering the tool used to inject the mortar. However, if you wish to have all or some of your work (installation and/or mortar injection) done by an experienced installer, please consult our list of installers recommended by SURETOUCH.

5. Can i inject the mortar myself?

Yes, but we strongly recommend that you have the mortar injected by a certified professional.

6. How do i calculate the quantities i need for my project?

Simply calculate the surface area of the wall or walls to be covered, subtract the area of the openings (doorways and windows) and add 5%. One pallet covers:

Polystyrene and anchors
You need one package of polystyrene panels and one box of screws, anchors and weep holes for each pallet of stones.

Each 25 kg bag of mortar covers 20 ft2 for both stone collections and 24 ft2 for the Durham stone collection. (Forcast a 2 % of lost).

Corner irons
You need corner irons for the tops of openings and for the sills at the base of the windows. Please consult the SURETOUCH Installation Guide. If your foundation does not allow for a 3 3/4 in-wide support, as is often the case in a renovation project, you must allow for a corner iron along the entire base of the wall to be covered. The corner irons come in 10-foot lengths.