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The SURETOUCH system was developed by Permacon, a subsidiary of Oldcastle-CRH. For nearly sixty years, Permacon has led the field in the creation of new masonry finishes and landscaping styles with its innovative concrete products.

In recognition of this leadership, the parent company (Oldcastle-CRH) located its North American Research & Development Centre at Permacon in Montreal. It is therefore here in Canada that all the group’s new products for the world market are developed.

The entire SURETOUCH line of products is characterized by originality, high-quality manufacturing, ease of installation and durability. For us, the SURETOUCH cladding system is a concrete example of how creativity can contribute to the construction process.

With its state of the art quality control laboratory, Permacon on a daily basis puts its products through a battery of tests and rigorous verification process to ensure the highest level of quality.

Permacon maintains its industry leadership by continuing to improve its products, and developping new products sought after by an ever-growing clientele.


It took five years of research and testing to develop this high-end, highly-adaptable product. Thousands of hours and the skills of a solid team of engineers and construction professionals have gone into the design of the SURETOUCH system. All aspects of the system have been carefully planned and tested, including:

In addition to undergoing a multitude of laboratory tests, the system has proved its worth in thousands of homes. This has enabled us to demonstrate the quality of all our products, which remains our overriding concern.

The SURETOUCH system is patented in Canada and the United States (international patent pending) and received National Research Council Canada approval in 2008  (CCMC-13302-R).