Whether their role is functional or aesthetic, door and window ornaments enhance the overall look of a façade. The SURETOUCH system does not neglect this important architectural element, offering accessories in a Rocart finish.

While some accessories (lintels, jambs, keystones) must be SURETOUCH brand products to ensure that they fit properly into the system, others (sills, arches, œil-de-bœuf (circular window), etc.) may be selected and tailor-made to fit. The multiple creative and aesthetic possibilities make this a unique system.

A. Sill: masonry unit installed at the base of a window.
B. Lintel:
masonry unit installed above an opening.
Jamb: vertical section of an opening (door or window).
D. Keystone:
wedge-shaped cut stone that locks an arch into place.
E. Arch: (made-to-measure)
F. Soldier installation